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McDonald Group International, Inc

Water, Wastewater, Environmental Engineering 


 Elevated Water Storage Tank Along Florida's Nature Coast

The pictuesque setting of this elevated storage tank underscores why it was constructed here.  Within this coastal zone are several hundred homes,  and the salt water environment ensures that  any local water well will produce only water high in chloride.  Presently served by a single 6" water main constructed in the 1960s,  fresh water is piped in from almost seven miles away in along a single two lane road through environmentally sensitive lands.  Within a coastal flood zone,  construction of ground storage and ground level pumping systems was impractical. Increasing growth and demand in the area perodically create lower than desired system pressures.  Fire hydrants on the line are incapable of any significant delivery.   Some unique hydraulic challenges include varying supply pressure and a means to ensure adequate turnover of the freshwater in the tank, which is accomplished with valving and  a special piping configuration