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McDonald Group International, Inc

Water, Wastewater, Environmental Engineering 



McDonald Group International is specialist engineering firm, offering services exclusively in the field of water, wastewater and environmental engineering, with a special emphasis on the unique issues pertaining to small to medium sized facilities.


Water Supply Wastewater Treatment Water Distribution, Wastewater Collection Special Environmental Services

Supply and Treatment: Wells, Intakes, Iron Removal, Reverse Osmosis, Softening, Filtration

Process Design and Troubleshooting: Activated Sludge suspended and fixed Growth, Anaerobic and Filtration

Water, Sewer, Reclaimed Water Line Extensions: conventional gravity, low pressure

Industrial Waste Treatment Systems:


Physical Chemical

Ozonation, Recycle


Water Plant Hydraulic and Mechanical Design

Effluent Disposal & Reuse Systems: Irrigation, Recharge

Hydraulic Analysis and Modeling

Solid Waste Management

Water Use, FDEP Permitting

FDEP Wastewater Permits: Renewal, Construction

Pump Station Design Permitting

Stormwater Treatment, Retention and Collection Systems


McDonald Group International, Inc. was founded to offer water, wastewater and environmental engineering services to meet the need for high quality, reasonably priced environmental engineering services felt by many public and private operators of utilities With the objective of remaining a specialist firm we take pride in serving clients personally and directly with a small focused firm.

Most of our clients are owners and operators , both public and private, of small to medium sized water and wastewater treatment or distribution and collection systems. Our approach to their unique challenges is not to attempt to simply "scale down" techniques used by more traditional engineers working from larger firms and accustomed to working on more forgiving large treatment systems. Instead, we work closely with the operators, the owners, other professionals who appreciate the challenges of smaller systems, paying close attention to what works and does not work in small facilities to develop cost effective, reliable solutions

Based in Central Florida in Citrus County, we provide services all over the State of Florida and beyond, including other states in the South East, and to select clients in the Carribean and Latin America.



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