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McDonald Group International, Inc

Water, Wastewater, Environmental Engineering 


Industrial Wastewater Treatment Pilot Scale Research Project 

Process wastewater from  several seafood processing houses in southern Alabama  was being discharged  without treatment to the Gulf of Mexico as it  was thought to be free of fecal coliform contamination  It  was found instead to cointain high levels of contamination. Because of concerns with chlorinating the water and possible harm to aquatic life should the water failed to be adequately dechlorinated,  the owners were interested in ascertaining if disfinfection by ozone was practical .  A manufacturer of waste treatment equipment was retained to build a temporary, pilot scale model to determine required operational parameters of on ozonation system.  McDonald Group International Inc. was retained by the manufacturing team to design the pilot process and monitor the results.   The treatment process was a physical chemical process, using a DAF initially with polymer and later with Ferric Choride to remove much of the suspended matter and turbidity in the water.  The ozone was dosed at various levels to a metered flow of wastewater and experiments were carried out to observe the effects of contact time on the disinfeciton process


Chart indicated treatment by DAF and Ozone would have a significant impact on reducing fecal coliform content of the water, but the quantity of chemical used for the full size plant would be quite large which in turn indicated there would be some unusual challenges in design of contract vessels and treatment units